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stem collection

Abstract Watercolor Drawing

self-eSTEAM series

Self-eSTEAM is a series that creatively tells stories about real women entrepreneurs.  Each story is crafted with the intention to build self-esteem through inquisition, knowledge, the process of growing an idea, and being proud of your unique strengths. The series encourages readers to take risks and be bold through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. 

First Up: Pooja, Queen of Ice + Spice

Abstract Watercolor Drawing

shadow play series

The Shadow Play series is an interactive board book series that illuminates the imagination. Each story teaches children simple shadow puppets through adventurous and comical tales. The series encourages early readers to explore concepts of light travel before hitting the pillow at bedtime.  A fun and theatrical way of engaging emergent readers.

Shadow Play, Air Animals

Shadow Play, Land Animals

Shadow Play, Water Animals

Abstract Watercolor Drawing

human + nature series

Human and Nature is a series about the relationship between the wonders of nature and the curious mind of a child.  Each story is about a character who applies STEM problem-solving skills and the help of mother nature to tackle an obstacle. The series creates a bond between the readers and Earth's precious creations. 

First Up: Girl Meets Giant

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